Wettie 'Viper' Alloy Rail Speargun



One of our latest additions to the Wettie speargun range offering as many options as we can, made by spearfisherman for spearfisherman.

A universal top end Alloy speargun designed to cope under harsh diving conditions around New Zealand and the world. A great all round gun for hunting the reef to spearing a big Kingfish.

Set up:
-WETTIE Viper Nylon handle
-Wettie railed alloy barrell
-Wettie harden sprung steel spear
-Gun bungee
-Rubberised Grip
-Side line release
-Standard set up is a single 16mm Rubber (Specify if you want 18mm or twin 14mm rubbers at no extra cost)

Wettie 'Viper' Speargun
Wettie 'Viper' Speargun
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