Wettie 'Ocean Armour' 3mm Wetsuit


The Wettie OCEAN ARMOUR wetsuit is available in a new cut

The knees & elbows have been structured for improved comfort & strength with 'powertex' padding.
This material is hard wearing but still offers maximum flexibility.  
The jacket has an attached hood, special Wettie 'anti slip' loading pad, double nylon along the base & beaver tail of the jacket for extra strength, wrist & face seals plus 2 x beaver tail clips to keep water out.
The long johns are available in 'overall'/'farmer john' over the shoulder style with fitted knife pouch on the right leg & ankle seals.
These long johns also have powertex tough knee pads All Ocean Armour suits come with a free iki spike to fit in the knife pouch

Buy this suit with the confidence that the team at Wettie are the leaders in their field, unparalleled in quality & design and have come up with a product you will be warm and comfortable in.
Enjoy your dive.


3mm 'Ocean Armour' Wetsuit - Jacket
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3mm 'Ocean Armour' Wetsuit - Long John
3mm 'Ocean Armour' Wetsuit - Long John
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Spearfishing Wetsuits

Open Cell 2 piece wetsuit sizing guide (men, women & kids)
Size 4XS fits body weight 25kg - 35kg
Size 3XS fits body weight 36kg-44kg
Size 2XS fits body weight 45-56kgs
Size XS fits body weight 57-65kgs
Size S fits body weight 66-74kgs
Size M fits body weight 74-82kgs
Size L fits body weight 82-92kgs
Size XL fits body weight 92-100kgs
Size 2XL fits body weight 100-110kgs
Size 3XL fits body weight 110kg - 120kg
Size 4XL fits body weight 120kg - 135kg

Steamer Wetsuits - Mens

Men's 1 piece steamer wetsuits - Designed to be a snug fit. If you are in between sizes, we suggest going up a size.

XS 55kg
S 65kg
M 75kg
L 85kg
XL 95kg
2XL 110kg
3XL 120kg 

Kids Wetsuits

'Ocean Kid' 1 piece steamer wetsuits:
Shoulder to ankle measurement

2 81cm
4 85cm
6 93cm
8 97cm
10 101cm
12 107cm
14 116cm
16 120cm

Women's Wetsuit/Titanium Top Sizing

Generally runs true to size 
We suggest following your normal clothing size - If you are in between sizes, go up a size


Wettie Neoprene Socks & 'Workhorse' Booties:
Sizing is men's US shoes. Wettie booties are designed to be a very snug fit with the heel seam sitting just under the heel. This is to eliminate this seam rubbing while wearing fins. If you are in between sizes, we suggest going up a size. Sizing recommendations are also modelled off the stretch allowance of a 3mm bootie, if you are choosing 5mm or thicker we suggest going up a size. 



XS 7
S 8
M 9
L 10
XL 11
2XL 12
3XL 13 


Spearfishing Fin sizes 
Close foot pocket, long bladed fins. 
Sizing according to 3mm booties being worn. 

Fin Size

Men’s US Shoe Size



40/42 or 41/42


42/44 or 43/44




44/45 or 44/46










If you are wearing a thinner sock or bare feet, go down a size. For thicker booties go up a size.Closed foot pocket fins are designed to fit like a 'gumboot' with a bit of room to allow for your foot to swell while swimming. If you are in between sizes, we suggest going up a size. Feel free to call us for advice we are happy to help you choose the right fit. 

Wettie titanium tops are designed to be a very snug fit. We suggest going up a size if you want a looser fit.Titanium Tops - Mens

3XS 35-42KG
2XS 42-49KG
XS 49-56KG
S 56-63KG
M 63-70KG
L 70-77KG
XL 84-90KG
2XL 90-96KG
3XL 96-105KG


This wetsuit has an open cell inner so must be soaped up every time you put it on. This is a quick & easy process that requires squirting soapy water throughout the inside of the suit. You can use shampoo/conditioner/body wash/baby shampoo/Wettie Suit Lube + water then carefully slide the wetsuit on.

Please avoid using your fingernails on the delicate open cell inside as this could damage the wetsuit. Open cell wetsuits are still able to be exchanged after soaping & trying on. This however will become void & unexchangeable if damage has been done due to incorrect donning.

Please CLICK HERE for further information on this.