Weights & Weight Belts

1.kg lead buckle weight - Thread onto webbing or rubber belt
Weight Belt Keeper  Stainless weight belt keeper with extended D ring Threads onto your weight belt 
If  you suffer from a sore lower back, this harness keeps the weight up around your shoulders. It includes a...
Wettie neoprene weight vest features quick release clips + 4 pockets which each fit up to 1.5kg lead weights Very...
Webbing Weight Belt  Includes a stainless buckle - Webbing colour may vary 1.3m long
2.5kg buckle weights to slide onto webbing or rubber belts
Buckle weights to fit on webbing or rubber belts
Pink $29, Black $44 This weight belt is made from durable 420 denier nylon fabric, & has multiple velcro sealed...
Rubber belts are the BEST option for your spearfishing & scuba diving weights. The rubber has just enough stretch...
Coated lead weights available in 1kg $18  2kg $36
HEAVY Duty Rubber Belt Belt is even stronger than our original rubber belts, still offering maximum comfortable...
Our drop weight system means no more extra clips. Loosen your belt and slide it in on top of your normal...