Tip of the Week

Keep your eyes open
Look all around you when you are on the bottom. Fish will often sneak up on you. John dory are particularly good at sneaking up on you from behind. Also look up as kingis will often swim around above you.
Collecting Paua
Do not use a knife to remove paua from rocks, paua are haemophiliac and will bleed out if cut. If you don't have a proper blunt tip paua knife, just give them a good hard smack or quickly swipe them off.
Weed edges
If a weed edge seems barren, try grabbing a few kinas and opening them on it. Often this is enough to bring the fish on.
Shooting Snapper
Generally snapper will flick their pectoral fins out just before they bolt away. If they do this it's time to shoot or they are gone!
Curious Kingis!
Kingfish are curious,  let your mates shoot a kahawai or trevally, then you shoot the kingi that comes in for a look!!
Securing Crayfish
If your crayfish is proving difficult to move, try shoving it backwards then pulling forward, sometimes its enough to break them loose.
Catching crays
When catching crayfish don't muck around, hit them hard and fast before they have time to prepare, they are far easier to catch this way.
Stay Hydrated
Keep your fluids up, dehydration can cause cramping as well as making you inattentive causing you to miss fish. It also makes it harder to pump blood around your body, affecting your breathhold
Kingfish tricks
Kingfish like current and baitfish, if you can find both of these Kingis won't be far behind.
Separate your weight belt
Never put your weight belt in your gear bag. Masks and fins don't like lead very much.
Rinse in fresh water
Always rinse your gear off well in fresh water, then dry it out of the sun! Sun kills neoprene and rubber very quickly
On the roof
Look on the roof of holes for crayfish as well. Not just the bottom and back. Crays don't mind hanging upside down.
Relax. Keep your breathing slow as this helps slow your heart rate making it easier to hold your breath
Snapper Stealth
When setting a ground bait for snapper, remember you need to be able to sneak up on them. Give yourself space to hide. Don't set it out in the open!
Snooping Snapper
When snooping snapper, make sure the sun is behind you and you swim slowly into the current looking/sneaking over every rock.